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"I've been with Ashley for many years, great service, great staff and always very accommodating" Teresa, West Molesey

Our Services

Here at Ashley vets we provide a range of services enabling us to provide the highest standards of veterinary care for your pets.

If you have any questions about the services we offer or about your pet’s treatment, please give us a call and our friendly nurses would be happy to help you.

Our services include:

  • Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are important and help to protect your pet from diseases that can seriously harm or kill them. Advice on when these should be given and which ones apply to your pet can be given by all nurses and vets.

  • Micro-chipping

    Microchips carry a unique identifier which can be registered to you. If your pet is lost or hurt and taken to a veterinary practice, we and other practices can read the microchip and contact you. The process of inserting the microchip is carried out by a simple injection.

  • Preventative flea and worm control

    We recommend that your pet has regular flea and worming treatment to ensure your pet is protected against unnecessary illness.

  • Neutering

    Neutering is recommended for female and male cats when they reach 6 months. It is important to neuter your cat to avoid unwanted pregnancies and behavioural problems should they not be required for breeding.

    If you want to discuss neutering of your dog or bitch the vets are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you in a free consultation. Alternatively, you may book a date for the surgery by telephoning our nurses.

  • Full surgical facilities

    Your pet will usually be admitted between 8:30am and 9:30am and go home the same day. However should your pet require post-operative fluids or a more critical operation they will stay overnight.

    We will discuss all pre-operative and post-operative instructions with you when you book the operation.

    Our anaesthetics are very safe and your pet is monitored closely by a nursing assistant thought out any operation helping your pet to make a smooth recovery after the operation has been completed.

  • X-rays

    X-ray examinations are carried out to diagnose problems such as fractures, foreign bodies and internal diseases such as bladder problems, kidney stones and tumours.

  • Ultrasounds

    Ultrasonic testing is used to detect certain diseases, tumours and pregnancies.

  • Comprehensive laboratory diagnostics (blood tests, urine tests, tumour analysis etc.)

    We offer a range of diagnostic services to ensure that your pet is provided with the right treatment.

  • Modern dentistry facilities (including ultrasonic "scale and polish")

    Healthy teeth are essential to your pets well-being, we have specialised teeth cleaning equipment to give your pet a healthy mouth.

  • Pet passports

    These can be provided along with the vaccinations required so your pet can travel with you abroad.

  • Free new pet check

    Our team have experience in pet care and behaviour so don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

    During your visit we will:

    • Record your pet’s weight
    • Examine eyes and ears
    • Listen to heart and lungs
    • Inspect skin, paws and coat
    • Inspect mouth and teeth
    • Check for any unusual lumps and bumps

    New pet checks are a good opportunity for your pet to meet our team when they are in good health and this also allows your pet to explore the new surroundings in a relaxed manner instead of when they are feeling unwell.

  • Free New puppy, kitten & bunny checks

    If you have recently added a new kitten, puppy or bunny to your family it’s important to ensure that you give he or she the best start in life. Here at Ashley Vets we offer a free puppy, kitten and bunny check. When you bring the little one in we will ensure he or she is in good health and provide comprehensive advice on feeding, puppy vaccinations, kitten vaccinations, flea control, worming and insurance.

  • Free Weight Club

    Should your pet suffer from weight problems your Vet will refer your pet to Ann, who is one of our Veterinary nurses. She holds weight clubs on an individual basis to help ensure your pet is fed the correct amount of food to loose that excess weight. Once referred your pet will be weighed by Ann every 2 weeks to start with and then every month until the correct weight is reached.

    A few years ago we went to the ‘semi-finals’ of ‘Hills’ pet slimmer of the year and most of the pets we have helped to achieve the weight loss have gone on to keep their weight steady into the future.

  • Nutritional and behavioural advice

    Should you have any issues with your pet, give us a call and we would be happy to help you.

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